PF Roster


Crosssbow_Roster0715Callsign: CrossBow

Name: Dennis

Rank: Commander

Bio: Dennis joined PF in July 2011 along with his son Andrew. He has messed around with airsofting since he bought his son his first clear plastic spring operated Crossman replica in 2006.

Dennis enjoys camping with his family, outdoor cooking and automotive restoration.

Ricochet_Roster0715Callsign: Ricochet

Name: Brett

Rank: Executive Officer

Bio: Brett joined PF in July of 2011. His first airsoft event was Santa Wars 2010 at Sniperzden where he and his daughter were introduced to the sport.

Brett works in Logic development for Intel in Hillsboro and enjoys golfing, spending time with his family traveling, camping, hiking and chillin at the coast.

Callsign: Cruz FoxHoundfoxhound_roster2016

Name: Lansky

Rank: First Sergeant (Sniper) 

Bio: Joined PF 5/28/2015, promoted to 1Sgt 9/17/16


Callsign: PhizPHIZ_Roster-14

Name: Andy

Rank: Team Technical Adviser, Sniper

Bio: Andy joined PF in 2009 with his son Josh and is one of the original team members.  He has had many positions on the team over the years and we are lucky to have him.

Andy does physics stuff for a living and enjoys figuring out how things works and teaching others.  He enjoys cycling, running and airsmithing.

LLAMA_Roster-14Callsign: Llama

Name: Josh

Rank: Rifleman / Spotter

Bio: Josh joined PF in 2009 and is one of the original team members.  He sometime runs a spotter for his father Phiz and between them make a formidable team.

Outside of airsoft Josh enjoys soccer and sleeping.

Callsign: GrimJawgrimjaw_roster_2016

Name: Andrew

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Andrew joined PF in July 2011 but was attending events for a about a year prior.  He has been shooting airsoft springer’s for many  years
before getting his first AEG in 2010

Besides airsoft Andrew enjoys Xboxing, skateboarding and basketball.

EDDIE_LOW_Roster-14Callsign: Eddielow

Name: Edwardo

Rank: Sniper/DMR

Bio: Joined PF in 2009

Callsign: Blackhawk

Blackhawk_Roster0715Name: Robert

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Robert joined PF in Oct 2012. He is also a talented airsmith, a skill that is very important to have on the team.
In the real world Robert enjoys hiking and camping and works when ever he can to pay the bills and support his airsoft habbit 

Callsign: Mindspeedmindspeed_roster0715

Name: Marty

Rank: Rifleman 

Bio: Joined PF 9/20/2014


Callsign: SMURFsmurf_roster_2016

Name: Benjamin

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Joined PF 1/1/2015


Callsign: Engine

Name: Tyler

Rank: Rifleman:  

Bio: Joined PF 9/05/2015


Callsign: Rocksteadyrocksteady_roster_2016

Name: Mike

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Joined PF 1/8/2016


Callsign: COUCHthomas_roster_2016

Name: Thomas

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Joined PF 2/26/2016


Callsign: Josejose_roster_2016

Name: Jose

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Joined PF 8/19/2016


Callsign: Grounded

Name: JD

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Joined PF 8/14/2017


Callsign: DrPepper

Name: David

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Joined PF 11/04/2017


Callsign: FACEface_roster_2016

Name: Mason

Rank: Recruit

Bio: Joined PF 1/8/2016


Callsign: MAYO

Name: Nick

Rank: Recruit

Bio: Joined PF 3/18/2017


Support Team

Callsign: Cowgirl

Name: Sharon

Rank: Support Specialist

Bio: Joined PF July 2011


Callsign: Tigress

Name: Kim

Rank: Support Specialist

Bio: Joined PF July 2011


Retired / On Leave

Members in Good Standing

Callsign: Chesty_01

Name: Kevin

Rank: Team Founder / Retired – Jan 2014

Bio: Kevin founded Phantom Fury in
November of 2009 and under his leadership PF has become a respected team inthe Airsoft Community.

Callsign: Blue

Name: Aaron

Rank: Rifleman / Breacher

Bio: Aaron joined PF in November of 2010 his first airsoft team, but has been airsofting since 2009.


Callsign: Redbone

Name: Chris

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Chris joined PF in December of 2011 with his son Davis.  

Callsign: YOGI

Name: Davis

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Davis joined PF in December of 2011. He has been airsofting for the past 3 years.

Callsign: Viking

Name: Erik

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Erik joined PF in December of 2011.  He has airsofted for two years. 

Callsign: Highlife

Name: Rex

Rank: First Sergeant

Bio: Rex joined PF in Aug 2011 and has been airsofting for over 2 years.  He has ran with Ghost Recon and  SCAR Contractors. Rex’s real world experience is an asset to the team.

Outside of airsofting Rex is a Pro Auto Technician and in his free time enjoys airsoft modding, working with Kydex and long walks on the beach with
his wife.  

Callsign: RavenRAVEN_Roster-14

Name: Tamra

Rank: Support Specialist

Bio: Joined August 2011


Callsign: MoleMOLE_Roster-14

Name: Curtis

Rank: Recruit: Started 10/26/13

Bio: Will be updated soon


Callsign: Warchild

Name: Dave

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Joined PF 1/8/2016

Callsign: To be assigned

Name: Hayden

Rank: Recruit

Bio: Joined PF 1/8/2016

Callsign: Loki

Name: Scott

Rank: Rifleman

Bio: Joined PF 1/8/2016





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