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    PF is attending the the MilSim West Event Crimean Crisis Feb 21 – 23. We have 12 players registered and can’t wait, its going to be awesome.

    As I’m already pulling information together for Phantom Fury I thought I would share what has been collected so far. PF is not involved in planning or running this event in anyway so please direct any questions to MSW FB Event ( As more comments and details become available I’ll try to update this post.

    Hope to see you there!!

    Location: Camp Rilea Oregon with access to the barracks (Showers, Warm Dry Bed)

    MSW FB:

    FB Event Link:

    MSW TACSOP Released (Players Handbook)

    Registration: $100 now and $140 after 1/7 –

    Some additional collected info, with the basic FAQ at the bottom
    – Barracks are included in the cost of the event (bed, secured locker, shower)

    – Food will not be provided, individuals/teams are on there own. Any cooking will need to take place outdoors. I guess pizza delivery is an option.

    Real World Medical Emergencies
    – Medical Information is required to be carried by each player. The below info should be on a 3″x 5″ card inside a ziplock bag, carried in your right pocket (refer to the MSW FB posts)

    Information to put on card:
    Hx: SIGNIFICANT MEDICAL HISTORY (eg: 3 heart attacks, 1 stroke, only 1 kidney,…)

    Did you receive your Deployment Orders yet? if not contact MSW through Facebook. WARNING – you will pass through the gear layout station as part of your in-processing. All items listed in red on the packing list on page 8 of the TACSOP will be required to enter the event. If you are missing any of the items listed in red you will be turned around and asked to not come back until you have everything.

    – Game Medic Rules (IFAC … think pouch with a RED cross on it) Here is the YouTube video MSW posted.

    – Engagement Rules, YouTube Video MSW Posted

    Some Highlights I pulled from TACSOP. You need to read the whole document if you haven’t.
    • Full-seal eye pro
    • Need to review required packing list (Pg.8)
    • Magazine – Mid/Low capacity only
    • Calling hits from blank-fire is mandatory
    • “Cease Fire” is for Real Word Situations only. “Lift-Fire” is used to call off fire during an engagement
    • “Bang-Bang” … not Safety Kill
    • If you bleed-out while retrieving an item or intel, that item is considered lost (Pg. 23)
    • Search the dead. You may collect any intel, take pictures, notes BUT must return all items searched to the participant.
    • Approved cold/wet weather gear (Pg. 7)
    • Rifleman are NOT allowed to carry radios, SL and above only (exception if you are attached to NATO CO HQ)
    • Post mission recovery procedures (Pg 57)
    • Medical ID Info. On 3 x 5 card inside ziplock bag, right pocket
    • IFAC pouch (fake) with red cross, left side

    Here is MSW’s FAQ, more info to come as we get it!

    Q. Your previous events were cheaper, why the increase in price?
    A. We have always prided ourselves on our events offering a good value to participants, and this has absolutely not changed. The price has gone up, but so has the value; each additional dollar raised through registration has gone to improving the event.

    Q. You mentioned a better value, what do you mean by that?
    A. Lots of pyrotechnics, access to a unique and exciting AO to include a MOUT site, heated barracks and shower facilities.
    Anyone who was at our previous event, Darial Gate will remember the visceral feel of parachute flares going off overheard during the night phases, and mortar rounds exploding during the day phase – expect more of that!

    Q. Ugh, late February in the Pacific Northwest? Aren’t you guys worried about the weather?
    A. Not at all. Part of the value you are getting from this event is access to military barracks, and shower facilities. It can rain all day, but who cares if you get to go back and take a shower, change into dry clothes, and sleep on a bed inside?

    Q. I see your event is at Camp Rilea, I went to a previous airsoft event there and it focused too much on the MOUT site and I was unhappy. What will you do differently?
    A. MilSim West’s bread and butter is woods-based events, and always has been. We plan for that to continue, especially at this event. The MOUT site will be utilized, but by no means will it be the focal point of the event. Trust us!

    Q. Can I wait till the last moment to pay?
    A. Yes, you can wait till the last minute to pay but we wouldn’t recommend it. Our previous event sold out before the close of registration leaving many who were planning on coming, but hadn’t registered yet, out in the cold. On top of that, there is a significant discount offered to those who register early (before Jan 7, 2014).

    Q. When does registration close?
    A. Typically, registration closes 2-weeks prior to the event. We would not recommend you wait that long as we expect this event to sell out.

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