Suggested Packing List – Camp Rilea Starship Barracks

Here is Phantom Fury’s suggested packing list for Camp Rilea’s Starship Barracks. Mash it up against the others you have seen and start checking off items.  This is NOT an official packing list for any event, so please be mindful of any items the event host my be requiring.

This list should be considered the minimum requirements:

Uniform and on you:

  • Government Issued Picture ID; required for access to Camp Rilea
  • Event waiver (don’t be one of those who fills out the waiver at the event)
  • Cash for incidentals (Chem lights, ammo ect …)
  • UNIFORM – (Team dependent)
  • Boots (please no tennis shoes if you can help it)
  • Hat or and boonie and or helmet
  • Load Bearing Equipment (PC, Chest Rig, Belt Rig .. ect)
  • Notepad & pen/pencil
  • Gloves
  • Mouth/Face protection (being required at more and more fields, check rule book)
  • Eye protection (ANSI Z87 rated) needs to cover eye socket,  mesh is OK but use at own risk
  • Wrist watch (Time piece)
  • Heal & death rags (medic rules may differ per event, read the rules)

Primary replica:

  • AEG, SAW, DMR, BOLT, LM4 … pick your poison
  • Magazines
  • Batteries/Gas
  • Speed Loader
  • BB’s (Bio-Only)

Assault Pack: (Assault pack/hydro pack combo is suggested .. at the minimum you need to have water and snacks on you in the field)

  • Water
  • Snacks (high protein, and good carbs, not a bunch of sugar)
  • Medication
  • Spare ammo
  • Spare battery / gas
  • Flashlight and or head lamp please make sure it has a red lens option
  • Spare eye-pro
  • Small garbage bag for trash

Rucksack /Duffel Bag: (we are sleeping in the Starship Barracks, so a duffel bag is fine but a rucksack/backpack also works … whatever you are used to)

  • IFAC  (individual first aid kit)
  • Meals – (If you plan on eating in the field eye pro is required.  If you wear a full face mask w/o detachable face pro, please bring eye pro that will allow you to eat). 
    • Friday Dinner (if you arrive Friday)
    • Saturday Breakfast
    • Saturday Lunch / Food to support you in the field
    • Saturday Dinner
    • Sunday Breakfast
  • Water – There is running water at the barracks, but your welcome to bring drinking/cooking water.
  • Change of clothing put them in a plastic bag to keep them dry (Yes socks are super important)
  • Cooking stove for other meals if needed, think about sharing with a buddy. NO COOKING INSIDE the barracks.
  • Eating / cooking utensils
  • Spare batteries for all of your lights and other toys
  • Small roll of duct tape and electrical taps is super handy.  Re-roll the tape on its self to keep it small … you don’t need much.
  • Sleeping bag – toss on top of the bunk
  • Charger or more batteries.  There is power in the barracks. Suggest extension cord/power strip
  • Personal hygiene kit (including medication)
  • Lock for you locker
  • Large Heavy Duty plastic garbage bag for cleanup – Pack it in, pack it out

Other Things to Consider

Everything With You – Everything you need for the day operation Saturday should come to the field with you,  going back and forth to your vehicle/barracks will be very difficult and reduce your team combat effectiveness.  Before you head out onto the field complete PCC/PCI checks.

Meals – MREs are good, also look at Mountain House or other dehydrated options.  I like instant oatmeal in the AM, fast and easy and stays with you.

Cooking – if you go with dehydrated options, you need a way to boil water.  Cooking is allow ONLY OUTSIDE … no stove cooking in the barracks.

Sleeping Quarters – We will be sleeping in the Starship Barracks. Each of these buildings is two stories with sleeping bays on both floors.  Each floor has a bathroom with multiple toilets and open showers … think old school gym rooms.   Nice thing is if the weather is bad, you can come back at night and hang your gear to dry.  As always please respect each others personal space.  If it’s not your’s don’t mess with it.

Clothing – Its the Oregon Coast, please have cold/wet gear (needs match uniform). Dress in layers and bring extra socks and dry clothing (sweats or similar) to change into if you get real wet … especially to sleep in.  Bring gloves … not just your cool combat gloves, but one that keep you hands warm and don’t forget a Patrol Cap (stocking cap). Uniform requirements will be only enforced during active event hours.

Medical – If you have any medical conditions I suggest you let your commander, or someone your running with know.  It’s much better to know a head of time.   It’s you choice to share the info … but we strongly encourage you to do so.

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