PF Uniform / Loadout

Over the years Phantom Fury’s uniforms and loadout has been updated to support different operations.

Mandatory Uniform

  • M81 complete uniform & Boonie
  • Gloves to match uniform (Black, Green, Tan are acceptable).
  • Phantom Fury T-Shirt (Green)
  • Phantom Fury baseball cap (Green)
  • Tan US Military Combat boots (What you have is good until they wear out, then go with Tan)
  • Safety glasses or goggles
  • Minors (13-17 years old) must wear face and mouth protection (some fields have started making mouth protection mandatory for all ages)

Mandatory Loadout

  • Coyote/Tan load bearing vest or PC
  • US variant AEG Rifle (M4, M16, M249, M240b, MP5) +1 backup AEG
  • Minimum 8 M4 mid-cap magazines or 2 M4 Hi-Cap mags
  • IFAC (safety/first-aid kit to be carried on the field)
  • 2L+ hydration pack or 2 canteens
  • Two-way radio with ear bud
  • AEG batteries to last at least 24 hours of playing
  • Addition ammo
  • multi-tool/small tool kit
  • Watch or some type of timepiece
  • Compass

Additional uniforms and suggested gear

  • Multicam complete uniform & Boonie
  • Woodland MARPAT BDU  & MARPAT Blouse and Trouser 
  • Fast helmet
  • Sidearm
  • Chest Rig (green, tan , camo pattern)
  • Active simulation grenades (Thunder B’s or similar)
  • Field backpack
  • Deployment bag to drop at FOB/spawn (spare gear)
  • Different styles of safety glasses or goggles and face-pro,  mission specific  (Field v.s. CQB)
  • Folding knife (fixed blades not allowed)
  • GPS unit
  • Map carrier

These items are for your benefit and the benefit of the team, to allow support for one another on the field.

If you have any questions about these requirements feel free to send and email to and it will be reviewed by our team leadership.

Thank you,
Phantom Fury
Command Staff

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