PF Team Rules


  1. Communication is key.  Stay in contact with team and leadership by responding to internal communications accordingly.
  2. Carry yourself on and off the field with honor and dignity.  You are a representative of this team and its sponsors.  Treat people and players with dignity and respect.
  3. Trash talking on and off the field will not be tolerated.
  4. Team presence on and off the field is very important.  Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.  You must be in team uniform while at an event when attending as part of the team.  If we look professional, then we will be treated by others as professional.
  5. Honor your hits and safety kills.  *This is MANDATORY!*
  6. No illegal drugs at any time will be tolerated.  Phantom Fury has a zero tolerance policy in regards to illegal drugs.  If you are caught, you are permanently off the team.
  7. No underage drinking.  If you are not 21, you cannot drink period.  No ifs, ands or buts.  If you are caught drinking, you will be permanently off the team.
  8. When at a game or event, we must conduct ourselves in a professional manner.  This means, knowing your audience and keeping the swear words to a minimum, especially in front of the media, underage kids, and parents of underage kids.
  9. All decisions about new players and existing players joining or termination, must be approved by team leadership.
  10. No physical contact between team mates and other players on the field at anytime, even if it’s defensive contact.  Go to your team leadership if a situation occurs on or off the field.  This is a zero tolerance policy.
  11. When at a game or event, on any field, be sure to pack out, whatever you pack in.  Police your campsite, and team area before you leave the grounds.
  12. Real steel of any kind will not be allowed to be carried by anyone on the team with the exception of pocket or folding knives.  This means no real firearms, combat knives or fixed blades of any kind on the field.  If you bring it, leave it in your car.
  13. When posting on Airsoft Pacific, Facebook or any other milsim/airsoft forum/media site; conduct yourself accordingly.  Do not post on topics you know nothing about and derogatory comments to other teams or players will not be tolerated.
  14. Arrogance will not be tolerated.  We are professional members of an Milsim/Airsoft team and we will act accordingly.

If any rules are not followed Team Leadership will respond accordingly.  This could be anything form a simple suspension to a permanent termination from the team.

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