About Phantom Fury

Phantom Fury is a Pacific Northwest based military simulation (MilSim) airsoft team with most of its players residing in the Portland Metro and Vancouver areas. The team was established in 2009 and since its inception has followed a strict set of rules focused around Honor, Dignity and Respect.
Phantom Fury is made up of individuals age 14+, including some parents and their kids. A few team members have military or law enforcement experience while others do not. Besides having a great time this diverse group helps teach discipline, the importance of self-respect and teamwork.
We attend many of the local events and have hosted a very successful airsoft military simulation series called “Operation Sundown.” Phantom Fury was voted “Best Team of 2011” on AirsoftPacific.com.
If you think you would like to become a member please visit the “Recruitment” page for details and requirements.
Thank you for visiting our team’s site,
Phantom Fury



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